We would like to ask for your support
for the New Nalanda institute

Village Pudung, Kalimpong, Distr. Darjeeling, West Bengal

We would like to thank everyone for the generous support the New Nalanda Institute - project has received so far. 

We aspire to progress enough in the building-phase to able to hold the opening ceremony of the monastery in 2017. This is an ambitious goal, which we can only reach with your support. Please, consider supporting the construction of the New Nalanda Institute, so that Ani Pema Zangmo’s continuous efforts in this wonderful project will soon bear the complete result. Thank you very much! 

Everybody has been very kindly helping me with my Dharma activities for a very long time, and through your support and generosity I have been able to complete four projects.

Therefore, I express my profound gratitude for all your kind assistance and ask humbly to continue to support to complete this fifth project successfully.

No matter how big or small your donation will be, it’ll never be wasted as “it is like a drop of water in ocean” as said by Buddha Shakyamuni.

I always pray for success in study, Dharma practice, business, Enlightenment and a peaceful life for everybody. Money comes and goes, but a peaceful and enjoyable life is very important for all.

Om Mani Peme Hung,
Karmapa Chenno
and Tashi Delek

Yours, Choje Lama Pema

Bank account for your kind donations;
Please also notify us by sending an email.

RIB: 30004 00719 00030230787 56
IBAN: FR76 3000 4007 1900 0302 3078 756

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